Beneath is a list of other websites referenced in mine or containing related material. Obviously, I don’t necessarily agree with everything in all of them!

Kingdom Ministries

Garry Sigler’s website containing material by several writers including himself, and links to further websites. GO »

Bible Chronology

A website based on the works of Arthur Ware and Frank Paine, offering a comprehensive program for chronological calculations. GO »

Miracle of Time

A book on Bible chronology by Frank Paine. GO »

The Feast of Tabernacles

A book by George Warnock. GO»

Number in Scripture

A book by Ethelbert Bullinger. GO »

Studies on the nature and duration of future punishment and other subjects:

The Larger Hope

A 290 page book containing a full and detailed study of many aspects of Universal Reconciliation by Tony Johnson. GO »

Tentmaker website

Gary Amirault’s own writings and links to further websites on the subject. GO »

Hope Beyond Hell

Gerry Beauchemin’s website with links to his book on Universal Reconciliation and other resources. GO »

Rodger Tutt's website

Quotes from many sources on many aspects of Universal Reconciliation. GO»

Arthur Eedle's website

Arthur Eedle has written extensively on Universal Reconciliation and Pre-Existence, as well as many other subjects. GO »

Dutch friends please visit Cornelius Noordzij’s website, for similar material, including translations of some of my articles. GO »