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Universal Reconciliation

A challenge to the traditional church teaching of eternal damnation, which rests on wrong translation of key Greek and Hebrew words and ignores many scriptures that teach the eventual reconciliation of all things.

Universal Reconciliation or Eternal Torment?

These two conflicting teachings considered in the light of the character and attributes of God.

The Hidden Aeonian Realm

"Eternal Life", "Eternal Salvation", "Eternal Fire" and "Eternal Judgment": Are these phrases translated correctly in our Bibles? Fresh study of the underlying texts leads to a new understanding of this difficult subject.

αιων and עֹלָֽם

Fresh insights into the meaning of the Greek word αιwn (aion) from the meanings of the Hebrew word עֹלָֽם (olam) which it is used to translate.


The scriptural basis for our pre-existence as spirits before we entered this world, and some implications of this belief.

ολεθρος - Destruction or Lostness?

Everlasting destruction from the presence of the Lord (2 Thes 1:9) is nonsense. What do the Greek words really mean?

αιδιος - Eternal Chains or Unseen Chains?

Kept in eternal chains ... for judgment (Jude 1:6) makes little sense. Let's look at the Greek word αιδιος.


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