The True and the False Articles


A study of Babel and Babylon in scripture. The difference between the true church of God and the manmade Satan-inspired counterfeit. View article »

Bricks and Stones

The difference between the dead bricks of Babel and the living stones of God’s temple. View article »

666 & 888

A challenge to some current teachings on the number 666 in the book of Revelation. It cannot be rightly understood without knowing the meaning of the more important number 888, the number of the name of Jesus which lies hidden in the following verse.  View article »

Jehovah’s Witnesses and Jesus’ Witnesses

Were the early believers Jehovah’s Witnesses or Jesus’ Witnesses? What is a witness? View article »

Christianity and Islam

Violence in Christianity and Islam – Differences between Jesus and Muhammad – View article »

Creation and Evolution

A scriptural challenge to fundamentalist creationists, a 21st century view of God which has already provided a lot of relief to science students and other thinkers. View article »

The True and the False

Distinguishing true and false prophets – View article »