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Scriptures and the Word of God Articles

The Scriptures and the Word of God

What is the Word of God? Is it the Bible or Jesus? The wrong answer to this question leads to much wrong teaching and experience. View article »

Manifestations of the Word of God

What is the word of God? It is far bigger than the Bible. View article »

Taking the Bible Literally

Can we take every word of the Bible literally? What happens if science and the Bible disagree? View article »

3 Levels in Scripture

A progression from teaching and learning the Scriptures through opening the Scriptures to the final stage of fulfilling the Scriptures. View article »

Bible Ambiguities and Mistranslations

Some Hebrew and Greek words are ambiguous and translators translate them in different ways according to their own opinions. Other words are simply mistranslated. View article »

The Concordant Literal New Testament

Review of the CLNT. Is it an unbiased and accurate translation of the Bible as claimed by its supporters? View article »

The King James Version

Review of the KJV. Is it the one true English Bible? Or just a very good Bible? Or is it out of date? View article »