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Miscellaneous Articles

Understanding Jesus

Nicodemus, the Pharisees, his parents, his disciples, no one understood Jesus. Do we understand him any better? – view article »

The Name of God and the Name of Jesus

A fresh look at the Old Testament name Yahweh and some new thoughts on the name of Jesus – view article »

Signs and Wonders

An explanation of the words of Jesus that his followers would do greater works than he did, and a discussion of false signs and how to avoid being deceived by them – view article »

The Five Ministries

We need the five ministries – Apostles Prophets, Evangelists, Shepherds and Teachers – to bring believers to maturity and to combat false Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, Shepherds and Teachers – view article »

Good Shepherds

A brief look at shepherds and pastors in Scripture – view article »

The Woman of Samaria

Some new lessons from a well-known story. Contrasts between worshipping God in the natural and worshipping him in spirit and in reality – view article »

The Man of Lawlessness

An exposition of 2 Thessalonians 2: 1-10 Is it all future? Or are there things for us to learn now?  – view article »

Saul and David

A comparison of these two kings and the lessons that we can learn from their different attitudes to God and man – view article »

David and Solomon

The reigns of David and Solomon symbolise the age that is passing and the age we are entering. Find out what God has in store for us – view article »

Spiritual Foundations

The foundations of our spiritual lives lie in the experience of the essential truths expressed at the beginning of Hebrews chapter 6 – view article »


A positive view of a rather forbidding word and subject; a look at God’s plans for his creation – view article »

The Truth will set you Free

Jesus lived a life of perfect freedom, and he wants those who follow him to do the same – view article »

Thou Shalt Not Kill - Matters of Natural and Spiritual Life and Death

A re-examination of the sixth commandment and the meaning of the word kill. Brief discussions of war, the death penalty, abortion and euthanasia, and then the more important issues of spiritual life and death – view article »