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List of Topics

The Year of Jubilee and Bible Chronolgy The meaning of the year of Jubilee in Scripture and evidence that we have moved into a new age. Confirmation of this from chronolgy and hidden time patterns in the Bible.
4 Living Beings The meanings of the lion, the ox, the man and the eagle in Revelation and their fulfilments in Jesus and his people. A separate article on the special significance of the fourth Living Being.
New Covenant The radical difference between the Old Covenant and the New, and its implications for priesthoods, scriptures, festivals and other ceremonies.
Universal Reconciliation Scriptural and logical bases for believing that all mankind will eventually be saved, and fresh insights on the Hebrew word olam and the Greek words αιων, αιδιος and ολεθρος.
The Coming of the Lord Jesus promised he would come again. When and how did he say this would happen?
The Scriptures What is the place of the Scriptures in our relationship with God? Are they the word of God? Which is the best translation?
Festivals and Ceremonies Passover, Pentecost, Christmas, Easter, Sabbath and Sunday; what are their meanings for us and should we celebrate them? And what about baptism and "Holy Communion"?
Moses and Sonship Moses had a special calling that links him to Jesus and the manifestation of the sons of God described by Paul in Romans.
Babylon What are the modern equivalents of ancient Babel and Babylon? And what is the meaning of 666?
Miscellaneous Articles Signs and Wonders, Jesus’ Witnesses and Jehovah’s Witnesses,The Name of Jesus and the Name of God, Understanding Jesus, Thou Shalt Not Kill, Good Shepherds, Creation and Evolution, The Woman of Samaria, The Man of Lawlessness, Saul and David, David and Solomon, Spiritual Foundations, Predestination, The Truth will set you Free.
Shorter Articles This Generation will not Pass Away, The True and the False, The Bible Code, The Words of the Lord, Witness, Where are you from?, Assembling Together, Life from Death, Sun Moon and Eclipse, Election Manifesto, The Real Millennium, Sacred Languages, My Hour, Royal Tragedy, Babylon has Fallen.

Bible quotations in this website are from the NIV or are retranslated from Greek or Hebrew.