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The Author

I'm Robert Beecham. My wife Daphne and I live in Cheltenham in the UK. We have two adult children, Judith and Michael.

Michael and his wife Rachel are the parents of our two grandsons Matt and Sam.

Daphne and I met in Nepal in 1968 where we were both working as missionaries. In 1973 we returned to the UK, and for about 30 years I taught computer programming. Now I work part time interpreting for Nepalese immigrants.

In 1983 I began writing small booklets to share what I had received from the Lord. In 1996, these became this website. Now I divide my time between interpreting and writing and ministering as the Lord enables me, and visiting Nepal, where we have many Nepali and Tibetan friends.

You can contact me at Robert**GrowthInGod.org.uk (replace ** with @).